The West End Grand Prix existed for many years utilising local races hand picked by a Committee. The results of which were then subjected to an age-related performance calculation, seemingly formulated by NASA and designed to reward improvement over the course of the year. In 2004 the name was changed to the West End Trophy.

By 2008 interest in the race series had waned, and the AGM discussed ways forward, long-standing club member Andrew Middleton suggested the idea for a handicap race. This was taken forward by Yvonne Beckwith who devised the routes and the format of 6 races during Spring and Summer. We tied in the launch of the race series to our 25th Anniversary (2009) with a distance of 2.5 miles to both commemorate this and be accessible to all members of the club.  Andrew Middleton designed and implemented the computer programme for the chasing start, dictated by handicap. 

The race series was adopted with typical West End enthusiasm. The handicap format provided more interest and a greater challenge than a more traditional race format, allowing every runner the chance to cross the finish line first, no matter what their pace