Frequently Asked Questions

Will you look after my bike/keys/stuff?

You can leave your things at the race start. Marshals will be there while you run, but you leave your things at your own risk.

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Will you look after my baby/dog?


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Why is the race often won by newcomers?

Newcomers tend to improve steadily over the season and so come in ahead of their best of season time at each race i.e. each race is a season PB for them. Experienced runners who are recovering from an injury tend to do well too.

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Why don’t fast runners win?

Runners coming in the top few positions are typically running over a minute faster than their season PB. A well-trained runner is unlikely to do that, particularly a fast one.

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Why do you collect times from some runners?

We do this to confirm the results from our system. Also, in the event of missing a runner, those times can help us determine which runner had no time recorded.

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Why do I need a number?

Once you have been issued with a number, you are added to the Trophy system. Your handicap is worked out, and also your start time. If you’ve not been issued with a number, then you’re not in the race.

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Why do I have to remember to bring my number?

The marshals have to record the runners’ positions quickly as all the runners will arrive within a short period. 

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Who created the race?

The race series and routes were proposed by Yvonne beckwith to celibrate the clubs 20th aniversary. Andrew Middleton, one of our Life Members, set it up and organised it for 2 years.

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Where are the results?
  • posted on the club Facebook page on completion, normally the evening after the race.
  • published in the Newsletter following each race.
  • pinned on the club noticeboard on the club night following each race and remain there until the start of the following season.
  • posted on the club website under ‘Trophy Race’. You may get a few odd messages to OK, and the times may show as ‘##’. But if you down load the file, all should be well.
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When does the first runner finish?

Earliest arrival was 23 minutes after the race started i.e. 20:13 when the race started at 19:50.

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When are the races

Please see the events calendar for race dates and venues.

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When are the dates set?

Trophy dates are decided at the club planning meeting normally held in November. 

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What’s the Trophy?

The trophy, or trophies, awarded are decided by the committee. In recent years a small trophy has been awarded to the winner of each race. Then a number of runners at the top of the points table have been awarded a trophy at Presentation Evening.

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What’s the Trophy Race?

It’s a club handicap race run by members for members.

More details here.

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13:18 run by Emanuele Schiavon on 10 June 2009.

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What are the volunteer jobs?
  • Check the course on race day
  • Marshall the runners into order in the start funnel
  • Marshall the turn into the park
  • Record runner numbers in finish funnel
  • Time runners
  • Record sample runner times
  • Bring the equipment e.g. funnel, table, gazebo, flag
  • Take photographs
  • Sweep if necessary
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What are the rules?

You can find the rules here.

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What are the routes?

See links below for route maps

Braunstone Park Route

Victoria Park Route

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My time is wrong

Runners crossing the finishing line very closely behind others may find their time is recorded a second or two behind what they expect. That’s a human limitation of the timekeeper, and the resolution of the timing devices we use. Think of it as an advantage in your handicap for next time. If

you believe your time is very wrong in the results, please let the organiser know.

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I’ve not had a number. Can I run in the Trophy race?

You are welcome to run outside the race. If you time yourself, let the organiser know your time so it can be used as your handicap if you join the race later in the season. A marshal may be able to suggest when you start to give you a flavour of the race. Please do not cross the finishing line or enter the finish funnel.

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