Membership Questions

Here are some frequently asked question about membership

Do you have a minimum standard?

Yes, you must be able to run at least 5 miles in one club session. West End Runners runs groups of varied speeds depending on leaders and members. If we do not currently have a group at your speed, we can advise you on a training programme to help you attain the speed of our current slowest paced group before you join the club or give you the dates for our next beginners’ course. Please contact our Membership Secretary for contact with a coach or the dates of our next beginners’ course.

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Ok, I can run the minimum standard, how do I see if I want to join your club?

We meet on a Wednesday night at Leicester Rowing Club. We recommend you come along as a guest for a couple of Wednesdays to get a feel for the Club before joining as a member. On your first visit you should aim to get there for 7pm so we have time for you to complete a guest form and be introduced to some members who run a similar pace to you. Announcements begin at 7.15pm with everyone out for their run by 7.30pm. Each week there are usually club runs ranging from sub 7 minute mile pace to 10 minute mile pace with distances usually varying between 5 and 8 miles. There is often a “quality” session also available.You may run with us twice as a guest for free, after that, to continue running with us you will need to become a member.

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Ok, I’ve run with you as a guest, how do I join as a member?

To join see the Membership Secretary. You need to complete the membership parts of the guest form already completed and pay the membership fee. Our membership year runs from 1st September to 31st August and the fee for the 2015/16 membership year £24 or for those who are students or unwaged £12. You will be able to pay by cash, cheque or bank transfer.

Once you join you will be able to continue training with us on Club nights, receive the weekly e-newsletter, have access to our Members Facebook group, be able to purchase club kit, be able to compete in races for the club, attend track sessions* and participate in our social events. You will receive a membership card and a link to our online Membership Pack of useful information. 

* Track sessions are held on Monday nights at Saffron Lane  Stadium and there is a weekly fee payable to attend these sessions.

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What if I cannot attend Club Nights but I want to be a part of the Club compete in races for the Club?

Obviously participating in club nights will get you the best out of your membership but if Wednesday nights really don’t work for you, it is possible still to join the Club. You complete the membership form and pay your membership fee by contacting the Membership Secretary. You will be able to run for West End Runners in races, please note if you enter races that hold UKA permits you may require an England Athletics individual Registration. Without this you may not be able to receive the £2 affiliated discount (this varies on a race to race basis). If
you want to get this discount you’ll require an England Athletics Individual Registration (cost £12), about a fifth of our members take this up. Please ask the Membership Secretary or Club Secretary. You will also receive our weekly e-newsletter and have access to our Members Facebook group. In the newsletter and facebook our members often advertise informal runs they are doing or social events so you can still participate in Club life.

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Do you have a junior section?

No. West End Runners is for over 18s only.

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How do I contact the Membership Secretary?

Please use our contact form .

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